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When I found Staciemae I was suffering from a 20 year old whiplash injury I had just discovered. Ongoing migraines and limited mobility of my neck, shoulders and arms had me looking for a therapist with medical knowledge. 

 I was blessed to meet this angel with healing hands and in only a few months of treatment I'm feeling better than ever! Looking forward to more days of no migraines and pain. Thank you Healing Well! 

~Jackie McLeaney 

Wow I just wanted to let others know that I have never had an experience in such an amazing way.

I first went to Staciemae as a fluke . I was dealing with things in my life that just were not balanced and I didn't feel good about it.

She did a chakra balancing session and when I left there the feeling that I had was literally everything was becoming in alignment in my life and still is !

I'm feeling so good about myself again. I'm feeling like I have the power to control my life again. I even feel good in my own skin again. She was so great that I ended up going a week later to get a massage. I have had lots of massages in my life and this was the ultimate best massage I've ever had in my life. Her energy is just so amazing and I felt like she hit every inch and muscle of my body. I was so relaxed and I just can't stop telling people about her and how great she is. ~ Melissa Pelleteir

When I first met Staciemae, I was in so much pain, so tight, so stressed out .
I was in a situation where I was lucky to have Staciemae almost daily which was totally necessary because of my medical history. She incorporated massage and stretching with my daily routine and let me just say that she is an Angel. I was able to stand again, my pain all but washed away.
I knew the moment she put her hands on my broken body, that she was going to be able to help me. With her knowledge, and her magic touch, I'm a new man.
~Cyrus McMillen


Staciemae at @healing_well_nsb in Edgewater works wonders. My neck has been jacked for a few months now and she was able to give me relief. 🤗 Plus, she’s super accommodating as she was able to get my crazy-person-schedule behind in there for treatment. 😘 ~ Amy Kelly

 I can’t thank you enough for the miracle you performed in my shoulder and neck.   Honestly!! I haven’t felt this good for about 3 months!!! I’m not 100% by any means but I’m in disbelief on how great I feel!!!  Thank you so much!!!  I wished I lived closer so I could come for another session in a couple of weeks! .~Marcy Janus

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