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Healing Well was created with the intentions to offer a serene and safe place for people to come and receive alternative healing. Clients can expect to receive compassion and guidance regarding their needs for treatment. While clients are here they will experience a depth of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing . Helping clients understand that they have the ability to assist in their own healing and offer proper teaching in doing so is the goal here at Healing Well.  



Staciemae Brown

Owner of Healing Well

Reiki Practitioner

Spiritual Teacher

Licensed Massage Therapist

With over 20 years  of health care experience and a natural desire to help others , I have come to understand the human body and  the human spirit  on a deep Emapthic level. 

I originally hail from the 1000 Islands Region , New York. 

Where I  studied and became licensed both in nursing and as a massage therapist .

My passion stems from accepting my calling  and my gifts,  knowing that I was created to help make a difference in this world by serving . 

Having a  Native American bloodline  I was born with a deep passion for using herb , plant and flower medicine . I use these remedies personally and I enjoy teaching my clients how to incorporate them into their everyday life and healing journey .

 The earth provides everything we need . We have just been distracted from this concept and programed to rely more on man instead of God. 

 A more natural way of treating the mind, body and spirit has more benefits then we even understand .  Why not use these beautiful and beneficial ways if they are here for us. There is no harm in being natural and educating self  in something different .


To desire a strong, clean and balanced vessel is a healthy mindset and lifestyle  . Which is extremely  important for healing on all levels.

Along with being spiritually aligned while living abundantly allows energy to flow  without out dis-ease .  It keeps our light bright.

I encourage everyone to shine bright !!

I also has a deep love and connection with animals and providing healing energy medicine and massage for animals of all kinds .

I have experience mainly with horses, cats and dogs.  

Recently rescuing two Zebra Finch birds  and rehabbed an abandon kitten, Neo who has become a huge energetic healing vessel for clients here at Healing Well. 




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